Now that you have the cat gym apart. You need to remove the old ripped rug and replace it with new rug.  Pay careful attention to how the rug is attached you will want to copy that process. 

Tools:  Flat head screwdriver medium-sized to use as a crowbar to pry out the smaller light weight staples.  A pliers to pull out the lighter weight staples that are holding the rug to the 2×4 post.  Also to remove any sharp broken staple pieces. 

1:  Take the 2×4 post and turn it to the side that has the edges of the rug attached together.  Take your flat head screwdriver and use it to pry the smaller lightweight staples out.  You might have to go under the rug, beneath the backing of the rug, to pry them out because you won’t be able to see them in the pile of the rug.  

Removing Rug!

 2:  There will probably be staples in the area around the top and bottom edge of the carpet and 2×4 post on all four sides of the 2×4 post.  Pry them out and put them into the container. Observe carefully and note where a staple was placed for you are going to want to recreate how the rug was stapled on.

3:  Keep observing how they have stapled the rug to the 2×4 post as you remove it.  Keep this in mind when you go to put the new rug on.  When you remove a staple you might break it so take your pliers and pull out the sharp pieces from the wood.  Check the 2×4 post for these little sharp pieces of staples but be careful and not cut yourself.  You need to remove every piece of old rug and every piece of old mangled staple for it to be safe for your cat to reuse. 

4:  This process gets messy with the ripped rug and the sand of the rug, fiber threads, and rug fuzz, etc.  Remember do not vacuum the big pieces of rug or they will clog your vacuum pick them up and put them in a plastic bag.  You can put a tarp or cloth down to catch the pieces as you work it will make it easier to dispose of into a plastic bag. 

5:  Do not discard the rug pieces that you remove. They can be used as templates to cut out the new rug.  One of the rug pieces had extra square ends that folded over the top of the post.  Remember where these little differences occurred so you can recreate them.  Set the old rug pieces aside to be used as templates for the new rug.  The old rug will be frayed but that is okay.  

The wood 2×4’s posts should be clean, free of the old carpet, old staples and staple pieces.  

Next:  upholstering the 2×4 posts.