I pondered whether to buy sisal and wrap the posts with it or put new rug on the cat posts on my cat gym.

After reading the article on “How to Fix a Cat Tree” by Flerper in my last post, I went to the site called Feline Design to see what was offered and learned that you can buy sisal covered round posts of varying sizes or bulk sisal rope.  I already knew that the pet stores don’t care bulk sisal rope.   The bulk sisal can be hard to wrap.  Here is the link: 


This was very tempting and I might just go for it in the future. However, I decided based on my observations of my two cats that I would redo the posts with rug. 

There is a carpet store nearby so I went there and asked if they had carpet remnants.  They pointed to a collection and I found one that looked like it might work for $1.00.  They had them wrapped in rounds secured with a tape and that made it difficult to see if it was in good shape and to see how it flexed.  

WARNING:  Don’t forget to measure the size of your posts or the part you are repairing before you go to the store so you can pick the right size piece of rug for your project.

At home I cut the tape and let the rug relax on the living room rug and Sneakers checked it out and gave it a try. 

I showed it to my hubbie and asked his opinion.  I showed him a piece from the cat gym and he didn’t think my choice was flexible enough or similar to the cat gym rug. 

We decided to go to Flynn’s in Lynnwood, WA.  Low and behold Flynn’s had a stash of cat gym/tree remnants in the back.  We compared my sample from the other carpet store and the one from the cat tree and picked another piece similar in color to the cat gym and type and a lot more flexible in the backing.  The cost was $5.00.  A little more than the other store but the choices were greater.  Later I was to learn that the $5 piece actually turned out to be big enough that I will get two repairs out of it. 

Flynn’s:  http://www.carpetcents.com/

Flynn’s website won’t tell you they have cat gym remnants.  I have purchased area rugs from them before so I knew about them and had found them very helpful and I have been pleased with my rugs. 

Now why am I flexing the rug…well you want to be able to wrap the 2×4 tightly so you need a piece of rug that is easy to flex and even mould to the 2×4 post.  You also want to be able to press it and crease the rug.  I was worried I didn’t have the strength to hold it securely and get it tightly to the wooden 2×4.

Comparing Rugs Backing

Important Point:  Picking a piece of rug similar to the one used on the cat gym will be the best choice. 

In the picture to the left you can see the first piece of rug I bought on the top and the second piece below it with a line on it.  The second piece flexed and creased much easier.  It also had a similar ink line that you see on the left. 

Next post – taking the cat gym apart.