Last February I purchased a cat gym/tree for my little friends Ebony and Sneakers.  Ebony took possession.  


Well…they ripped it to shreds by June.  They had destroyed the carpet on the two posts in 4 months.  (See photo).  I am glad they enjoyed it and not my furniture, HA!  

The question is, do I buy a new one every 4 months (AUGGH!) or do I repair this one as many times as I can.  Since I paid a lot for it I decided to try to refurbish it.  

At this point something might be said about purchasing a cat gym or tree online and having it shipped to you in parts.  There are websites that sell cat trees and gyms that are shipped in pieces.  This means you can take it apart and repair it or replace a piece.  It might be more expensive upfront but not a bad idea.  

I am happy to report I was successful and it looks great and you cannot tell any difference.  I fixed it in a way that I can take it apart again and repair it and then put it back together.   

All Better!

After considering it awhile I came to the conclusion that I cannot really show pictures of how I did this because I would be getting into copyright issues on how the company put this together and that is not a good idea.  So how do I share my knowledge about repairing this cat gym or cat tree (depending on what you call it)?  I think I can give highlights and tips and links to help others do this chore more easily.  So in the next posts I will do just that!   

Oh by the way, I am female and I am the one with tools.  My dad would be proud!  I have done a lot of home repair so I know what I can do and what I cannot.  My hubbie helped but he didn’t do the real work…HA!  

The photo is the repaired tree and I am not kidding.  Not bad for the kid – that’s me!   

Ebony seems to like it and Sneakers immediately tried out the posts even before I had put it all back together.  Now if I could just get them to scratch like this outside! 

Next post will be what tools you will need and how to get inspired!