Ebony Wants Out?

Sneakers has been learning about the backyard and the outside and has ventured out on several occasions.  He has been doing very well learning about the outside. 

On Saturday last, my hubbie and I decided that Ebony needed to go out too.  Ebony had discovered that Sneakers was outside and he was not and he would cry and stand on the inside of the screen door and Sneakers would try to get to him but the screen was closed. 

I was a little uncomfortable with Ebony going out.  I did not know what to expect.  We do not have the same relationship with him as we do with Sneakers.  He is not as trusting.  

At 3 pm on Saturday Ebony made his first steps out onto the back yard porch and when he saw his brother Sneakers he went to him crying and they touched noses.  Sneakers once satisfied that Ebony was okay started exploring.  Of course Ebony was nervous but he explored the car port and the deck and even went up to the way back but ran back to the backdoor when I came up to keep and eye on them.  

Outside Together!

All went well, Ebony did just great.  He cried a lot but that is understandable for the first time out.  He would go back to the backdoor for safety and go inside.  My hubbie used treats to get him to come out the first time and that worked.  

Since Saturday both Ebony and Sneakers have ventured out most days spending an hour or so outside learning that they can come and go into the backyard from the backdoor as they please.  I am there to watch and keep and eye on them.  

Yesterday they went out and explored and after a while they went back into the house and had a nap.  

I have to admit it is nice to be able to leave the backdoor open and do my chores and not have to worry.  

So far neither cat has jumped up except Ebony did and I heard it and wanted to see what was happening and he immediately jumped down thinking I was going to give him trouble, hummm…?  Sneakers is very brave and wanders all about the backyard and has learned were the grass is.  Ebony is a little less adventuresome but he is learning and he does come outside.  He actually brushed past me a couple of times.  

The birds are not happy with these two cats.  They chirp with clicks at both of these two predators.  I laugh for they are not threatening at all. I will be surprised if their hunting instincts come out at all.   These two cats are pretty naive about the outside world so it will take time for them to adjust.  

We were repairing a gate in the backyard and I didn’t want Sneakers to come out till we had things secured.  I could hear his meow from the other side of the yard.  When we got things to a certain point I opened the screen door and let him join us.  He was really curious and came over to see what we were doing.  He is getting use to his two humans rushing about.  

He really likes to be with me outside and it is nice to have a companion again.  I really miss having Minx and Puffer supervise my gardening.  

More adventures to come!