Sneakers Tail Up!

Sneaker went to the vet on Monday about 2 pm and we had his stitches removed from the incision on his back where they had done the surgery several weeks ago.  It was exactly 14 days since the surgery.  He is healing well and is strong.   

What a relief to get this whole process done and behind us.  The summer is here and we can now enjoy it.  

Getting Sneakers into the cat carrier was a little interesting.  He was asleep on the futon and I had to get the treats out and that interested him.  I closed the kitchen door behind him and he started to panic and then he saw the cat carrier and meowed really loud…”No don’t put me in there!”  I had no choice but to do it and I was able to pick him up and put him into the top and close it without too much problem. 

The vet assistant took him into the back and was gone about 10 minutes and we were on our way back home and back within 45 minutes.  Sneakers jumped out of the cat carrier and it didn’t take him long to relax and be back home. 

This whole surgery experience has been very good in one way and that is I have come to get to know my little friend and I am gaining confidence in my bond with him.  Sneakers is a very special kitty.  He is sweet, strong, gaining confidence in us, has a wonderful spirit and is very curious. 

He seems to like his two humans.  In the mornings Sneakers snuggles between us on the bed and I rub his cheeks and chest and he purrs happily!!