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Sneakers had his surgery on Tuesday, June 29, 2010.  The mass that was on his shoulder.  It did not look good after they took a biopsy and it was recommended that he have surgery.  

It was very hard for me but my hubbie and I decided to go through with it.  They needed blood work because he was 10 years old and that almost meant an additional trip but it turned out that they could do that at the hospital before the surgery.  I recommend that you ask lots of questions.  Fortunately, my years of experience have helped a great deal and I sort of know what to ask. 

As usual when anesthesia is involved you cannot give food after midnight.  Water is okay but no food, so both Ebony and Sneakers had to go without till be took Sneakers to the vet.  Both Ebony and Sneakers was very good, restless but good.  Sneakers played a little and I tried to distract him.  

He gave us a good tussle and tried to get away when we tried to put him into the cat carrier.  Soon he was into the cat carrier and secure on the front seat.  I dropped my hubbie off so he could take the bus to work and I proceeded to the vet.  I had to wait for them to open at 8 am because I was too early.  It was worth it.  It calmed him and me down. 

The vet called about 1 pm and told me the mass had been removed successfully with no complications.  Sneakers was doing fine.  She was glad it had been removed and it apparently was bigger than we had thought.  I was to pick him up about 4:30 p.m.  

I called about 4 and was told he was ready and off I went.  The cost was a little bit less than they had quoted so that was a good thing, still a lot.  They were going to have me give him pain meds but no antibiotics apparently administered there by them.  The pain meds were to be started in the morning and go for 2.5 days. 

Sneakers Surgery

You can see the stitches and incision in the picture.  I returned home and released Sneakers into the living room and promptly removed the cat carrier.  He settled in really fast.  The instructions said he might not eat or go to the potty but Sneakers did both.  I gave him just a little food to make sure he didn’t have a problem with it.  He was doing great.  

That night I slept on a cushion on our living room floor to keep him quiet, slow down the jumping up on things and run interference from Ebony.  He slept next to me most of the night which was good.  

The pain meds required no food 30 minutes after or before.  So I fed him in the morning and by the time my hubbie awoke to help it was within the time frame.  The meds were thin syringes with about 1/4 inch of meds in the bottom.  They were not sharps.  I was to squirt it into his mouth on the side by the edge.  My hubbie picked him up and I did the squirt.  Worked like a charm!  Of course Sneakers was not too sure!  Twice daily.  

The day went well and Sneakers did good.  He was rejecting the attentions of Ebony.  Ebony can be a little pushy when he wants Sneakers attention and that concerned me.  All was well and Sneakers defended himself till he was ready and by Thursday they were cuddling again.  

The incision with stitches is a good 4 inches long and on his back.  He can’t reach it or scratch it although he tries.  We are to return in 14 days to have them removed. 

About 5:15 today, the doctor called to tell me that the lab results were back.  IT WAS NOT CANCER….it is benign!  YES!!!  Happy Dance.  She did say it could return so we need to monitor it but probably not.  

A senior panel of blood may be a good idea in several months to monitor him.  

Sneakers is eating well and active.  His incision is healing with no problems.  He is jumping up on the furniture easily.  He is playing and moving about.  

He has taken the pain meds well although he is getting smart about my hubbie trying to pick him up.  Cats don’t usually like to be restrained or confined.  He seems active and not in any pain.  

I have realized that the reason I was so reluctant to do this to him was first, I don’t like to cause pain to any creature, but more importantly, I don’t know these cats like I knew my other animals.  I had been with them years and we had developed relationships.  I have not been with these two long enough and am still learning about them.  

In the last several days I think I have fallen in love with Sneakers…corny, yeah but I really like this cat a lot…he is sweetheart and strong.