Well, I took Sneakers to the vet today.  It was mixed reviews!~ 

1.  Okay news! There is a new vet at Cascade Pet Hospital.  Dr. Hansen left last week.  She is nice but new.  This is my 3rd vet at that clinic.  I started with Dr. Thomas and then Dr. Hansen came and now a new one.  Well at least these are new kitties so there is no history with older animals.  I met her briefly and she is nice.  I have had good luck at this clinic.  

2.  Not Okay news! I took Sneakers in to get his hair mats removed and his nails clipped.  Hubbie helped to get him into the cat carrier and that worked well.  He mewed all the way and tried to get out!!!  He was not a happy cat! 

3.  Good News!  The mats were removed without a problem or using anesthesia.  Reports are Sneakers was a good kitty and behaved.  

4.  Good News! I brought my cat brushes to find out which ones would work best on his fur.  The attendant picked two out, so that is good.  Now I can start to brush him as much as possible striving for daily and keep the mats at bay as much as possible.

5.  Very Bad News!  There was a mass on Sneakers back by his shoulder-blade and they took a sample.  It was there when I brought him home last November from the shelter, my sister was petting him and found it.  It has not grown or changed since. 

My choices are :

a.  The new vet took a needle aspiration and that can be sent to the lab on Monday for $125.00.  This is not as a good a sample as the other option.

b.  The cost of the surgery including meds and lab work is $701.00.  He will need 4 days of recovery which means being quiet.  The lump can be either benign or not but the lab test is better this way.  The meds are liquid for pain and antibiotics which is a good thing.  This means two trips to the vet, one for the surgery and one to remove the stitches. 

6.  Good News! Sneakers was quiet on the way home from the vet, a little mewing but he settled down when he smelled me.  He jumped out of the cat carrier on the living room floor.  I thought he would head for under the bed but he didn’t.  Ebony was curious.  Sneakers was hungry so I have feed him a couple of times.  He seems to be readjusting to his home just fine.  He is laying on the middle rug relaxing.  I am pleased. 

I will talk to my hubbie and we will decide by Monday for the sample will need to be sent in to the lab by then or we will schedule the surgery.