Ebony is getting friendlier and friendlier.  He has been sitting on my lap each afternoon while I watch a little TV.  He then sat next to me and was cleaning himself but he made sure his hind leg was touching me.  Hmm….! Was this a little taking possession? 

Ebony was laying full out on the center rug in the living room.  He is very long so he took up most of the area.  I think he is relaxing.

Sneakers took his first steps out into the backyard.  On Monday he went into the carport and walked around.  On Wednesday he walked into the carport and smelled something that made him open his mouth…another cat?  He keeps going back to the backdoor and kitchen for safety.  He then went to the other end of the yard where the deck is and walked around that.  So he has been outside all of about 20 minutes.  I am not sure he really understands it all yet but he is really interested and wants to join me. 

I am not letting Ebony out yet.  I want Sneakers to learn first and then Ebony will follow. 

My hubbie was saying how sweet our two kitties were and that so far no blood has been drawn and he is right, they don’t fight with each other or lash out with their paws. 

Tomorrow I have to take Sneakers in to get his matts removed.  He has very fine hair and I am going to have to learn how to brush him or get the right brushing tool for him?