In January I gave flea meds to Sneakers and Ebony.  Sneakers took it okay.  He doesn’t like to be held tightly for either flea meds or paw meds (hairball medicine) but they are necessary tasks that have to be done to keep them healthy. 

Ebony was not happy at all with me and the flea meds!!!! He refused to come near us for several days.  I felt so bad…!  He did eventually forget and I was told that the smell of the flea med is gone by 24 hours after application.  I decided he was just not ready and it was too soon so I have been holding off since then.  The time is here for it is June and I need to make sure he is safe from fleas.

This morning I gave hairball meds (paw meds) to Sneakers and chased him a little around the kitchen giggling.  Sneakers was actually curious so I gave him a smell.  He needs to know that my holding him a little firmly is not a big deal.  I put it on their front paws for them to lick off.  It is very gooey stuff the Laxatone which I get from the vet.   I also keep it in the refrigerator.  I try to follow up with a few nice petting sessions because he is a little shy after I give the meds.  I have also been putting the hairball meds into their food and that seemed to be working for my hubbie.  I have Wheat Grass that I buy at Top Foods for $1.99 and this is the big size.  Sneakers likes it, Ebony doesn’t seem to use it.  Wheat grass at the pet food stores is very expensive $5.50.  At the grocery store look for it in the produce section.

Role Reversal - Sneakers ontop of Ebony!

So the plan this time is to give the flea meds to Sneakers first and let Ebony smell it on him.  I am hoping Ebony will get familiar with the odor and not react as bad.  It will be interesting to see how he takes the smell on his buddie?  This time my hubbie and I will plan the application a little better and timing.  I think he should hold Ebony and I do the meds. 

I have been working with Ebony in cuddle sessions where I put my arms around him and hug him and hold him with my hands a little firmly so that he knows it is okay.  He is responding and getting the idea. 

I purchase the flea meds from PetMeds because I can get a better price for more vials than through the vet.  I am using Advantage at the moment.  Yes, indoor cats need flea meds and hairball medicine.