Ebony and Sneakers are featured in the Seattle Humane Society for Seattle/King County newsletter on page 17.  They featured my email that I sent to them about December 2009 after we adopted the two kitties and also some photos of them.  So COOL!!!

The newsletter is the Chronicles dated Summer 2010 Vol 18 Issue #2.  They send it to you on a quarterly basis if you donate to them.  They also have a sign up email online.  Here is their website which is packed with all kinds of information:  http://www.seattlehumane.org/

The card that was included came from Joyce the Publications Associate she writes:

Your Kitties are Famous! Thanks so much for your support…Kisses to Ebony & Sneakers from all of us here at Seattle Humane!

I guess she didn’t know about this blog, HA!