Ebony and Sneakers have been with us 5 months as of today.  So we are celebrating! 

They were in the shelter 4 months.  They lived with their former owners 10 years. 

I am making progress…HA! 

Sneakers seems to be adapting very well.  He likes sleeping on the dining room chairs over the wall heater.  I occasionally open the curtains so he can look outside.  He seems to sleep where he wants to now and that was the idea for him to feel comfortable anywhere in the house.   Every once in awhile he batts his soft ball around the living room and gets in touch with his “inner kitten.”  He is something of a chow cat and wants to eat so I have to be careful I don’t give him to much for he is mostly inactive.  He likes to spend time with Ebony cuddling on the futon or chair. 

Ebony has moved from the bedroom to the living room.  He is sleeping on the dining room chairs with Sneakers and even seeks them out himself.  He is so cute peering over the dining room table.  One time I saw him under the table with Sneakers.  He likes the big comfty chair and the Futon to sleep on.  He has taken possession of the cat tree round house, sleeping in it.  The big change is that he is out in the living area with us and not spending hours in the bedroom hiding out. 

Both cats are learning that it is okay to do things in our house.  As I observe these two cats it occurs to me that  they were pretty restricted in their previous owners’ home. 

The other day Sneakers jumped on the Futon and cuddled with my hubbie which is a first.  My hubbie gives great chin rubs.  They seem to be getting more and more comfortable with my hubbie and that is a good thing.

We have times on the floor in the living room where I pet and rub Ebony has he flops onto the floor.  My hubbie also has a lot of these times with Ebony and he is slowly coming out of himself.  He still has problems with the floor and runs and hides when we walk by. 

Sneakers likes to cuddle with me on the futon and comes over and rests next to me and I give him lots of pets.  At night I lie on the Futon watching TV and usually fall asleep and they pile on top of me so they get quality cuddle time.  Boy are they heavy! 

The other day Sneakers climbed into the bathtub and checked it out but he seemed a little guilty about it.  I thought it was funny although it is wise to be careful you don’t have any cleaner residue in the tub or they can get that on their paws.  That is not a good thing!  

As the days warm the doors are open and I let in the fresh air.  We have screen doors on the back and front so it acts a way to keep these two indoor trained cats from going out.  They are curious though.  Although when I see them looking out they act guilty and walk away.  They are going to be a challenge.  They don’t have the confidence that my other cats had?

Ebony was on the dining room table and he also had a guilty look on his face and quickly got down.  Being on the table is not a great idea although we don’t really eat there that much.  I didn’t say anything. 

We continue to make progress in getting Ebony and Sneakers to come to realize that there are new rules in their lives.  They are starting to realize that wake up time is not 5:30 am!