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This is a continuation of the checklist for adopting a cat that I began in the previous post dated April 11, 2010.  I was trying to strive to make life a little easier for someone considering to adopt a cat or cats. 

Comfy Chair and the Window

Here are some more things to consider.

9.  Cat Trees can be expensive, so you can really do your homework and find something within your budget.  Indoor cats need stimulation and exercise and also a place to hang out.  

I talked a little about them in my posted dated March 27, 2010 at:  https://bonmac.wordpress.com/tag/cat-trees/

10.  Ebony is enjoying his cat tree and they use it as scratch post which is essential for a cat or they will use your furniture. 

11.  Cat Litter, cat litter scoup and cat litter boxes are a necessity.  I bought a Litter Locker to handle the smells was probably an added expense.  I am happy I purchased it.  Don’t forget plastic bags to dispose of the used litter.

I discussed cat litter challenges in my post dated March 30, 2010:


12.  Cat toys can get pricey so choose carefully and return if necessary.  I had one  break on me and the cats didn’t really like it.  Observe your cat first and see what they might like before you buy.  You can also go online and learn how to make cat toys from paper, string and other items.  I like to use empty thread spools.  They can play “hockey puck” with them. 

Cat Toys for Free:


13.  Cat Carrier’s can be expensive so you need to do some research and see what you like and need.  I have one I have used for years but it is getting old.  With the two cats I needed a good sturdy second one.  This also opens from the top which I like. I felt it was a good idea to have two so if there was an emergency and we ever had to leave the house for some reason.  

My post on cat carriers February 23, 2010:  https://bonmac.wordpress.com/tag/cat-carriers/

This site might have some good deals – Discount Pet Supplies


14.  Cat dishes need to be easy to clean.  Nothing worse than have to scrub the dish after the food has dried.  My hubbie found some small cheap plates that are white and smooth and they clean up great.  I did buy some small silver bowls with rubber on the bottom for the munchies.  I really like them.  They were at Petco.

15.  Treats are tricky.  Sneakers likes the Pounce I bought him.  I was finding other natural treats like the jerky just didn’t work.  Pet stores might give you samples so ask and then you can try them out.  Observe your cat and try different foods to see what they might like. 

Here is a list at About.com about what not to feed your cat: 


16.  Catnip is so much fun to give your cat.  We have natural catnip that is growing out in the garden from when Puffer was with us.  Sneakers really likes it and now I see that Ebony is starting to enjoy it too.  My hubbie used it to get Puffer to learn to accept the brush for grooming.  It worked.  

17.  Cat food:  I have discovered that Ebony reacts to the fish in these products with stinky poop.  I like to feed moist cat food pate style and then some crunchies on the side.  There are a lot of natural type foods out there so you might have to do some serious homework and then see if your cat will cooperate and eat the food. 

18.  Brushes for grooming are what you think your cat will like and is willing to accept. 

19.  Hairball medicine which I get from my vet called:  Laxatone.  It comes in flavors.  I put it in the refrigerator otherwise it is really gooey.  I put a little on my finger and try for their front paws.  The objective it to get them to lick it off their fur or paw in order to the medicine to work.  I have had great success with my other animals.  Ebony and Sneakers are getting use to this “paw medicine.”  Unfortunately, they need it.  I do get crunchies with hairball in it and their treats also have hairball on the label.  Still they need something else. 

Here is an interesting article on Laxatone and how to give it to your cat.  Also a little more about feeding a cat in which this person is pretty proactive.


I hope this helps in planning.  The costs vary so you will need to do your homework to learn more about each topic.

Remember you can always ask your friends if they have extra cat toys they don’t want, extra cat supplies they don’t need and you will be surprised at how quickly they will respond to help you out. 

Keep and eye out at yard sales and try online for special deals.  I did.