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Okay, I have probably spent too much on adopting Ebony and Sneakers.  There are many choices and places to go to buy pet supplies in our world.  It can be tempting to overspend. 

Here is a list that might help you plan.

1.  Pet Licenses $20 each.  This is probably a must have.  Ebony and Sneakers are neutered so the cost is less with proof of surgery.  It is less if you are  a senior citizen. 

Here is a link to where to get a pet license application. You will have to fill it out and send it in with documents and the fee.  Check with your vet, mine was offer to sign use up at the office. 


If your pet is not spayed or neutered then you need to consider having that done.  There is a wonderful place near me where you can get low cost neuter surgery.  

They are called the SPAY & NEUTER CLINIC at 17211 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 206-362-0505. 

The Seattle Humane Society has other options for spaying and neutering and a very comprehensive list with links to other facilities.  http://www.seattlehumane.org/services/services/spay-neuter

Help with overpopulation of cats and dogs.  By making an appointment today!

2.  Pet Tags can include the name of your pet and a phone number to call if found.  So they are a good idea as well, especially if they go outdoors.  

Here is a place to go online that does both sides of the pet tag.  They are called Terrific Pets.  http://www.terrificpets.com/pet_id_tags/

I used Xpress Tags and they turned out great:  http://www.xpresstags.com/

3.  Pet Collars are made with quick release.  My cat Nikki used to get her front paw up and through her collar and I would have to cut it off.  The Humane Society gave me stretchy ones that I like but so far the pet stores don’t have them. 

4.  Microchip:  Ebony and Sneakers were already microchipped so I didn’t have that expense.  If the animal is indoor that might not be necessary but if they are outdoors I would highly recommended it.  Make sure you get the ID# of the pet and write that down somewhere. 

You can register it with AVID at http://www.avidid.com/  They have a lost pet list and a participating veterinarian listing.  They are still building their website but there is some useful information there.

I was given a form to fill out and mail with my payment of $19.50 for a single pet registration from the Humane Society when I adopted Ebony and Sneakers.  So that was times two.  The information for their microchip was also included on the paperwork I received.  The adoption specialist at the Humane Society did a check with an instrument that they had to make sure the chip worked and verifying the ID #. 

Avid sent back a verification which I keep in a binder filled with my two cats information.

Where to get this microchip done. This article at MyHealthyCat answers some questions about this process and it looks like it is about $50.00. 


5. Pet Vaccinations had been done.  I had to get the Rabies shots and they were about $60 for both.  I was given a certificate from the vet that shows what shot was given and the date of the shot. 

All other vaccinations were taken care of by the Humane Society and I have that paperwork which I gave a copy to my vet.   Most vets will be able to give the shots but you might search around for low cost alternatives. 

Try here:  SPAY & NEUTER CLINIC at 17211 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 206-362-0505. 

6.  Giardia tests had to be performed and the 1st was $20 and the second $75.00 and was a better test.  Ebony was ill when he came home with us.  So I had no choice but to make sure he got well.  Hopefully you won’t have this problem if you adopt carefully.  I took a chance.  He is healthy now.

7.  Probiotics may or may not be needed.  Ebony seems to need them regularly.  I use Fortiflora and just recently started buying it online.  I can get it at the vet but they charge a little more. 

8.  Flea medications are necessary.  I buy mine online at PetMeds and get a six packet which lasts 3 months for two cats and 6 months for one and is a better value.  I use Advantix.  It is purchased by weight and type of animal.

I will continue this checklist in the next posting on the cost of adopting a pet.