Choosing the right cat litter for yourself and home is not easy.  I spent hours studying online articles and chat groups about this topic.   There are so many choices. 

About.com:Cats has a good article on a variety of brands of cat litter that might help. 


It is recommended one cat litter box per cat and more if you have the room.  If you have a multi-level house than a litter box on each floor is good.  I am so glad that I have expanded to more cat litter boxes it works so much better. 

Make sure your cats can access the litter box easily.  I have two large cats and they need to get into the box easily and out of it.  I was going to get a closed cat litter box but decided I just didn’t have room and both cats were too big.  The open access is working but the smell problem had to be addressed.

Good idea to keep the litter box away from the food area and somewhat private for the cat. 

In the past, I have hated cat litter because of the fine dust getting all over the place.  I the 1990’s cat litter was not as fancy as it is today and my little apartment utility room was coated in this dust.  I was noticing that my utility room has some dust but not as bad. 

Well I have settled on Tidy Cat Multiple cat litter for the clumping.  I have to be careful and not get anything with a perfume smell for it causes problems for me.   This cat litter does not end up around the house as badly as some others I have tried.  It stills gets distributed in the paws but it is small grained and I can sweep it up easily. 

I also use Lysol’s Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray – Citrus for an extra amount of smell control.  It doesn’t seem to cause a problem for my sensitivity to smells.

To the Tidy Cat I add The Worlds Best Cat Litter because it helps with the smell and texture.  So I am mixing it up but I am noticing that its smell bothers me a little, so we will see if I just use a little and mix it with the other or stop entirely.

I purchased a Litter Locker for odor control:


It keeps the smell under control by putting the used litter inside the top round blue area where the filter is housed.  It catches the old litter in a plastic bag (biodegradeable bag).  I open it on the front pushing the button (in the middle) and just lift out the inner workings (round blue hand on side) and dispose of the bag into the garbage.  I put it into another bag just to make it easier to get it into the garbage. 

It took a little to get use to using it.  The directions are pretty helpful but you do need to make sure that the inner piece which is the blue and round section is in correctly so that it rotates in the right way.  You tie a knot in the bottom of the bag and hook the knotted bag properly into the inner piece and you are good to go. 

Changing the filters which contain the bag is a little confusing.  Remember to remove the plastic tab ring on the filter or you can’t get plastic bag out to drape through the inside of the ring.  Once you drape it through you tie the knot and slip that into the other blue round section.  I would check to make sure it is working. 

You can probably get a better deal online if you Google it.  I bought this at Mud Bay Pet Store

I am able to get the filters online for 1/2 the cost that the pet stores charge. They have them in 5 packs and a 10 pack.   Just Google “Litter Locker” and you will get results.

You can use a bucket with a plastic bag inside and cover the top.  This is the method my sister uses and it works.  Actually a used cat litter plastic bucket with a top works well for this – Fresh Steps plastic bucket is ideal.

Of course everyone has to decide what works for them and so these are what I have come to use and am finding them working well at this time.  The important thing is that the cats are using the litter boxes and “digging to China” as I call it when they get into it.