Ebony and Sneakers were raised as indoor cats.  I have had to make a big adjustment to this fact.  As I have stated I am use to indoor and outdoor cats all rolled into one.  I had a dog door for my other cats go in and out at their leisure. 

I like to garden and be outside in the summer in my yard.  I like to open my doors and let the air in in the summer.  I added a wooden screen door to use to control my animals at the front door.  It kept the dogs from jumping on people and acted as a way to greet people at the front door.  It worked for us.  The backyard was gated so they could go out the back door and not go into the front yard unless I opened the gate.  The front yard also had a fence so I had my controls set up.

A couple of weeks ago I moved the old wooden screen door to the back door.  I have a new backdoor so the dog door is gone.  The idea was to make it so I could go out but close up the exit to the back door and keep Sneakers and Ebony inside. 

Well, Sneakers checked it out and even met Happy the neighbor cat while he was sitting there looking out into the backyard.  Ebony checked it out as well.  They are a little apprehensive but curious.

We then installed a metal screen door on the front door which has a lock and latch.  This will act as another control for Ebony and Sneakers and allow us to leave the front door open in the summer.  I am enjoying it a lot having screen doors on the back and front and know that it will be great for the coming spring and summer.

I have noticed that when the sun comes in and shines on the rug they like to lay in its warmth.


Sneakers and Ebony seek the sun out.  They know about the sun.  That is a good thing. 

So the first step in slowly getting them use to the outside has begun.  They can sit at these screen doors and look outside yet be inside.  When they start to show that this is no big deal we will move to the next step.