I bought Ebony and Sneakers a cat tree in February.  I waited 3 months before I plunged in!  It was not an easy decision.  They are not cheap.  The one I bought was $129.00.  Ouch!  The name was Whisker City – Play & Sleep.  Their products are distributed to Petsmart and Petco by Ware Manufacturing (according to Ask.com) and maybe they have special ordering at these stores if you see a model you like best.  I have not really checked that possibility out.   http://www.waremfginc.com/

Cat Tree

I surfed the internet and it was a riot!  I found a ton of websites selling these trees and the variety and price range was astounding.  It was so much fun!  It was not only educational it was entertaining.  I usually just Google a subject:  cat tree, cat gym, pet furniture are some ideas.

Some of the designs were like actual trees.  The cleverness of the people designing these cat trees was amazing.  I admire them and their creativity.  

If you order online they will ship it to you for a fee and then you have to assemble it.  You can have them custom design them for you as well. 

My biggest dilemna was that Ebony and Sneakers are 10 years old.  They are big cats.  I think Sneaker is about 14 lbs. and Ebony is at least that weight.  They could easily knock something down.  I needed a tree that was safe, stable and had a wide base.  I also wanted one that had a round hiding space for Ebony.  I had seen his hiding behavior and this would give him another option.

I bought this one scratch post that was triangular but it fell over on Sneakers as he was trying it out.  I took that back I was afraid he would get hurt.  Ebony wouldn’t go near it if it was that scary. 

I found this particular one at Petsmart and it wasn’t too big so it would fit my house and it was a nice color and didn’t have loopy rug to catch their claws on.   I took about 5 off the shelf and put them on the floor and tested them for stability and even talked to a sales associate.  I did put the others back but I needed to really see and feel them. 

As it was being loaded into my van a man pulled up in his car and told me he just loved that model and that it had been a hit with his cats.  It was a very kind thing for him to share.  It was reassuring. I can take it back if I have to if they don’t like it I was told I had 90 days.

It seems to be a hit.  They took to it pretty quick and seemed to know what it was.  Ebony has fallen asleep in the round house and has been curlled up in it sometimes all morning.  We play around it together.  They use it for a scratch post and it is getting a work out in one area.  They are actually ripping one area out.  Oh dear!

Here are some links to cat tree websites.  Go and have fun and be aware that they can be expensive.  You will have a great time even if you settle on something a little less extravagant. 

Catsplay.com — http://www.catsplay.com/gl_loak.php3

Magical Hollow Cat Tree. These trees are amazing I wish my house was bigger — http://www.ahiddenhollow.com/Enchanted_Trees.html

Hidden Hollow  http://www.ahiddenhollow.com/Home.html

CrazyCatCondos.com, more like the ones you see in the pet stores:  http://crazycatcondos.com/discount_cat_furniture.html

CozyCatFurniture. com http://www.cozycatfurniture.com/ They have cat trees, cat gyms and more.   This link goes to another page that has a variety of choices http://www.cozycatfurniture.com/cat_trees.html

As you can see from these sites the process of finding a tree for your cat or cats is not an easy one so take your time.