On the adoption papers it stated that Sneakers was a Ragdoll/Mix.  I of course became curious and went in search of websites and information about the Ragdoll breed.


When I went to Google and typed in “Ragdoll” cat I got a lot of hits and found this one at Cat Fancier’s Association where they have a whole list of CFA breeds with descriptions. 

Ragdoll Breed:  http://www.cfa.org/Client/breedRagdoll.aspx

Cat Fancier’s Home page:  http://www.cfa.org/client/home.aspx

Some of the other sites were breeders and people who just love Ragdoll cats.  I think I will err on caution and go to Cat Fancier’s and start there.  They also have a section on caring for your cats with articles about cat health.

Sneakers has blue eyes, he is seal pointed and he is sweet, amiable and has a very pleasant personality and he just might be a Ragdoll mix or maybe a Birman?