I call Ebony and Sneakers my Gentlemen Cats because they are little Gentlemen.  I have never had such polite cats in my life.  They don’t spray, scratch the furniture or lash out and hiss.  They don’t wack the food off my fork at dinner time.  They stay off furniture and don’t climb all over the place.  They seem to know what “no” means.   They even play politely.  They don’t attack me when I walk by.   They are perfect little Gentlemen.  My hubby said they are “almost too perfect.”

Gentle Sneakers

Well they aren’t perfect.  Sneakers walks in front of me to kitchen where the food is and it slows me down. I don’t mind it is just very reminiscent of my cat Minx.  Ebony runs away and heads for the bedroom especially when my hubby comes home from work.  I am not use to a cat that is wary or afraid.  They are both hesitant when we reach down from our full height to pet them on the floor. 

I have a different take on raising cats.  I guess I am a little more lenient and not into managing them. I enjoy watching them play and be a cat.  What does it mean to “be a cat?” I am begining to realize that everyone has their own take on this subject.

I am home now, before I worked all day so it was tough to discipline my cats, still they knew what “no” meant. 

So Ebony and Sneakers are my little Gentlemen Cats.  I am relieved that I don’t have major issues to deal with regarding these two newly adopted cats.  I have some challenges so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next year.

News Flash:  Ebony ate catnip and rolled in it today.  Yesterday they spent 15 minutes looking out through the backdoor screen door into the backyard.   Sneakers met Happy the neighbor cat.  He was curious and she was a little puffed up but kept going.  The process begins in teaching them about the outdoors.