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Ebony is starting to play and show glimpses of his inner kitten.  This just delights me to no end.  I have been playing with them almost daily for about 15 to 20 minutes and Sneakers has enjoyed it and looks forward to it.  He really gets into it and whacks the toy.  Ebony would just scrunch down and observe but not really engage and if he did it was occasionally.  I figured he was at least present and watching. 


They don’t play together.  I think that is so odd.  My other cats romped, chased each other up trees and the house. 

Now he is starting to show a kitten like attitude when I wiggle the toys around him and he is whacking at them.  He is using the cat tree for stretching and scratching which is wonderful because he wasn’t doing that at all.  He likes the round area of the cat tree and he is sleeping in it. 

Ebony is a tough one.  He doesn’t respond to catnip.  Sneakers does.  Ebony doesn’t seem to be interested at all.  The treats I bought he won’t eat.  Sneakers does. 

One day I was putting my socks away in the dresser drawer and he showed an interest in what was in the drawer.  It is difficult to do “sniff and examine” exercises with him because he stays in the bedroom a lot.  So I showed him a sock or two and let him sniff it.  Once his curiousity was satisfied he retreated to the head of the bed.  I was delighted.  His curiousity was coming out.  I can do this little game with Sneakers for he is more confident and out an about the house.   Sneakers is catching on and is learning to not be afraid of things.

“Sniff and examine” is showing a cat an article of something – doesn’t matter what it is — a piece of paper – and letting them sniff it.  It teaches  them that: 1) they don’t have to be afraid of the article 2) it answers their natural curiosity 3) they learn it isn’t food and 4) they learn to trust you.   It is fun!