Sneakers with Ebony

Ebony and Sneakers are bonded male cats.  They had to be adopted together.  They are not litter mates as you can see from their picture.  They are totally different breeds.  I call them the “Brothers” because it is a fun thing to do.   In the picture above Sneakers head is upside down. He is sleeping.

This was a good thing.  Introducing strange cats to each other can be tedious and takes time. 

Their bond is interesting.  I had a similar experience with my two cats Nikki and White Kitty.  Nikki was  female and White Kitty was male.  Nikki would curl up with White Kitty much like Ebony and Sneakers do.   Sometimes you cannot tell where one cat starts and the other ends, they are so wrapped up in each other.

Ebony will seek out Sneakers and start kneeding him.  Sneakers seemed to be okay with this to a point.  He gently bites Ebony or uses his paws to push him away.  Sneakers will lick him on the head and Ebony would return the favor.  

My other cat of years ago Cinnamon (female) would do this same licking on the forehead to Critter (male) and then give him a whack with her paw.  Critter actually presented himself to her pushing his forehead beneath her head.

Ebony and Sneakers seem to be a little more loving.  The curious thing is they don’t play together?  They play separately. 

I was not sure that Sneakers really liked Ebony’s pushy behavior but they seemed to manage their bond.  Sneakers actually behaved like he was taking care of Ebony when he was not feeling well.  So I started to call him the little “Caretaker.”  I got sick right at the beginning of the new year with a cold and Sneakers took take care of me. 

I did discover that Sneakers will go and seek out his “Brother” Ebony.  He will hop off the Futon and disappear into the bedroom.  They seem to cuddle at any time that suits them. 

Sometimes when Ebony is cuddling with me on the Futon, he will see Sneakers and jump up to go to him.  In some ways he is more bonded to Sneakers then to humans.

Snuggling Together

I like knowing that they are good friends – buddies…brothers.  It has given them that one constant in their lives since they were given away.