Great Joy! I am so happy!  Ebony and Sneakers like their Whiskey City Play and Sleep cat tree.  I like to call it a cat jungle gym.  I bought it at Petsmart.  I have 90 days to return it but I think it is a winner!

Claiming as their Own!

Sneakers stretches all the way to the top which is a good thing.  They both climbed on.  Ebony was on the very top and Sneakers was in the little round hideaway.  They switch off.  Sneakers is using it for a cat stratch post which is great because he really needs it for his claws.  Now I hope Ebony will use it too.  He is…he stretches up and really gets into it.  He has not been scratching so this is a good thing!

My hubby reports Ebony was in the little round area when he came out in the morning.  So that means they use it at night.  Yeah!  He seems to like it there.  He was in there hiding out this morning. I purposely bought it with that round tunnel because I thought Ebony would like that for hiding in.  It is fun to see his tail hang down and slightly wiggle.

In the morning we play together and I sneak things around the posts to tantalize them and Ebony was really getting into it.  He has not been playing that much so this is a good thing!  Can we find his inner kitten?