On February 21, 2010 we passed the 3 months milestone with Ebony and Sneakers.  They need one more month with us to sort of balance out the 4 months in the shelter…maybe?

Trying to remember what it was like to introduce new cats to my home when I had multiple pets has not been easy.  I have pictures and a journal at the end of their lives but I try to dig into my memory about their introduction and it seems fleeting.  I am hoping that means good things and I was successful. 

I do remember Puffer.  He hissed at my dogs Ciara and Billie who wanted to know all about him.  I used a card table to introduce them.  I had Puffer on the top and they would of course try to reach over and smell him.  He was pretty small back then so when he hissed it was funny.  His little mouth was so tiny and it made me laugh. 

Minx she just moved in and took over.  She let the two dogs know that she would not take any guff.  She was about 6 months old at the time. 

Sammy had to be introduced for she was a kitten and feral.  It took about 2-3 weeks with a gradual opening up of the house and widening her territory.  It must have worked because she got alone with the other animals just great.   The hard part was getting her to come out from under the bed in the beginning.

So I guess I am a little impatient with Ebony and Sneakers.  I want them to be healthy, happy and adjusted but I realize they are 10 years old and have a lot of history with the former owners and it will take a longer. 

Sneakers seems to be adjusting.  He has several places he sleeps which is a good thing.  He uses his cat scratch post and now the cat tree.  Plays “hockey puck” with his soft fuzzy ball toys around the living room.  You can hear the patter of his feet.  He likes to sit on my tummy in the morning.  Yes, he walks on me in the bed.  We cuddle on the couch frequently.  I occasionally pick him up and “smoogle” him (hug and kiss).  He does the head shake when put back on the ground.  We are making progress with the floor where he seems shy if I try to pet him from my full height. 

Ebony has had a tough time.  He has been sick with Giardia which is gone but his poop has been soft and smelly even after that was solved.  I have taken him off food that has any fish in it and he is doing better.  They sneak it in so I have to read labels for fish ingredients and it is in all the natural pet foods.  I am giving them both Forti Flora (probiotic) to help with the bowels.  It seems to be helping.  I was giving it to them daily.  If I stop I have smell.  I am not sure this is solved yet, we will see.

As of now I am happy to report that Ebony is doing much better.  He is eating heartily and is asking for food.  He is sleeping in multiple places around the house.  He is cuddling with me and my hubby more often.  He is playing more and rolling on the living room rug.  He is poking me sometimes at night when I fall asleep on the couch.  I think he is asking for food. HA! 

I am looking forward to milestone month number 4!

Sleepy Time