Cuddle Kitties

New Year’s Eve came and we were invited to a party to celebrate.  This meant leaving Ebony and Sneakers by themselves for about 18 hours.  We would stay overnight and not come back till the next day.

I made sure everything was set up for them.  The cat litter was clean, the water dish was fresh, extra bowl of crunchies and a good meal before we left.  Of couse the house was secured. 

In the past I have left my cats alone for about 48 hours without a pet care giver coming to the house.  They had extra food, access to the outdoors, and had been with me a long time.  They did just fine.  This was intermittent and not a weekly thing and someone always knew what my status was.    Backed then I worked and they were home alone a lot. 

Ebony and Sneakers being indoor cats need more care.  You cannot leave a cat litter box messy after 24 hours. I am finding that I am cleaning it out at least twice a day.  So leaving them by themselves just doesn’t work.  Being new to our family it was not good to leave them alone for too long. 

They can eat crunchy food while you are gone.  I like to have both crunchy and moist (canned food) in their diet, it gives me options.  Sneakers would prefer the moist but he eats the crunchies.  I made sure they both eat crunchies by having a bowl out for them to access.

This first time away from them would be okay.  We would be back by 12 noon the next day. 

We walked in the door and they were cuddled on the Futon and looked at us with that curious look of expectation on their sweet faces.  They were just fine.  Maybe it was more like:  “Oh you guys?”

Later that month we would be gone from Friday to late Saturday and that was too long so I asked my sister to stop by and make sure they were okay, feed them and clean up.  She was willing to help out.  I take care of her cats when she goes away.  It works well for us both.