Ebony in a favorite spot!

Well,  I blew it with Ebony.  I had felt the power in his chest and body when we cuddled on the couch but I miscalculated his emotions and personality!

I wanted to give both cats Flea Meds.  Well, Sneakers let me apply it but he was not that happy.  It smells pretty bad. 

I had no problem giving the Flea Meds to the back of the neck on my other cats, so I guess I thought this would be easy. I think I was a little to quick on the draw!

Ebony did not take it well at all!  He would not come near us after that.  I guess I held him a little too tightly and he reacted badly.  My miscalculation was his emotional state.  It was too soon for him.  I decided he had too many changes in his life and this was just not the best time for him.  He needed to get well and get use to his new home and us. 

So 4 steps forward and 6 steps backward with Ebony.  It took a good 2 weeks to get him to relax and come around.   I was upset and felt real bad.  The vet assistant reassured me that he would come around.  We are doing fine now but progress is slow with him. 

My future plan is to stop with the Flea Meds for both of them for awhile.  They didn’t have fleas at the Seattle Humane Society and hopefully my house is okay.  So I will hold off for awhile.   I will start by giving  the flea meds to Sneakers and let Ebony get use to the smell on his buddy.  We will see how he reacts to that.  It takes 24 hours for the smell to go away. 

I won’t give the flea meds to Ebony for several more months.  When summer comes,  I will not have a choice.  I am thinking of taking him to the vet for other reasons and maybe they can do help me out.

Puffer died 1 year ago.  He went outside but also lived inside.  Flea eggs live in the rugs and it could come back in the Spring.  A flea bomb could be used but where will I put Ebony and Sneakers, I don’t want them to inhale that stuff. 

According to the internet fleas will go anywhere and will get on your indoor cat and cause trouble.  So at some point I will have to take action.