Several days passed and the vet called.  They had Giardia.  I didn’t think that Sneakers had it.  However, they wanted to treat both cats to be safe.  I was okay with treating them both.  I wanted it gone!

Fortunately for me it was a powder and I could mix that into their food.  The vet had it all measured out for me and it was easy to dispense.  I would have to give them a dose twice a day for 4 days.  I knew that Sneakers would be fine but Ebony might be a problem.  Again, I was proven wrong.  They ate their food and I was able to administer the medicine without a problem. 

What is Giardia?  Well it is a protoza that lives in the intestines of a dog or cat.  It is passed in the feces and can infect other cats in that way.  That is a simple explanation.  A great sight for Pet Education has an article about Giardia that might explain it better than I.  Of course the vet gave me Giardia flyers so I could read up when I picked up the medication.  Pet Education.com is under Ebony and Sneakers Favorite links to their main page.  It is run by Foster and Smith a pet product company, but I think they have good information.  Scroll to the bottom of the main page for more articles on pets and their care.

Ebony was not eating well, he was sleeping alot, the feces was smelly and soft. Poor little guy was just not a happy cat.   It was making his introduction to us harder.

Sneakers was active, eating, interested, playful and loving. 

In order to prevent reinfection of your cats, I had to clean the cat litter box really well.  I removed the litter daily and replaced it.  The next step was to wash out the cat litter box.  Don’t let the cat litter go down your drain, bad idea.  You don’t want to mess up the drain.  So this mean’t dumping the dirty water outside and rinsing and dumping again. 

Online research and the handout I had from the vet suggested using bleach.  This meant rinsing thoroughly.  I used paper towels to wipe out the litter box so it would dry faster.  Used paper towels go in with the bad litter. 

I was overwhelmed with bad cat litter so I was carefully wrapping that up to dispose of in the garbage.  Don’t forget to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after you handle the bad litter and every time you work with dirty litter.

It was not fun.  It was a tough time for me and the brand new cats.  I have a small house and the smell was bad.  I had to keep the air flow in the room by opening the window and using a fan to blow the air around.  Of course I closed off the kitchen and opened the backdoor as well to bring in fresh air.  It was December…brrr…!

I must have been successful because the test results the second time were:


There are two tests, one that is about $20.00 and the other which is better (more accurate)  is $75.00.  It is not cheap. 

I was using only one large kitty litter box at this time.  It was helping me to determine that there had been a problem but it was not the best thing for two big cats.  I added another kitty litter box and that made a great difference.  After doing some research I learned via the internet that you need one kitty litter box per cat.  I agree.  I would have more but I don’t have the room.   This will allow me to move a cat litter box around the house if needed.

Looking outside?

Remember my experience has been with indoor/outdoor cats and they pooped outside.  I only had the kitty litter box in the house if one was sick or needed to be tested for a problem.  I did have one out in the carport during the winter.  So getting the kitty litter situation under control has been an interesting experience. 

The good news was that the Giarida was gone! The healing could begin. (Sigh)