Ebony and Sneakers

Ebony and Sneakers were raised as indoor cats.  This is a new experience for me. 

My past pets all lived long lives and were healthy and happy.  They were all indoor/outdoor animals.  Anotherwords, they lived in my house and could access the outdoors through a pet door I personally installed in the kitchen door.  My back and front yards are big with lots of ferns and bushes to hide under.  All around the back yard is a 6 foot fence wood fence which Sammy jumped in one try.  Still it helps. There is an alley way between the houses giving the cats a place to prowl.  

So far everyone that I mention this to has said they have an indoor cat.  

My sister said she would prefer indoor cats.  She is into birds and a docent at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo.  She currently has two strays and may be taking on a third.  Two are outside only and the 3rd does both.  The man at Home Depot when we were looking at storm doors said he had an indoor cat and it lived a long time.  The sales lady at Petco said that her’s were indoor cats.  The grocery checker told me that her indoor cat goes outside only briefly to get grass and then runs back inside.  I find this all very interesting.  Even the vet was happy about this fact.

I purchased this book titled:  “The Cat Owner’s Problem Solver,” by Margaret H. Bonham.  She encourages indoor cats because of all the dangers she lists.  I will discuss her list later in this blog.  I am trying to catch up to the present and I am almost there. 

Sneakers seems to be curious about the outdoors but he is a little more confident.  Ebony is his usual indifferent self.

Well…I am not sure.  I am still pondering all this…we will see?