My spouse had stayed home to help me take Ebony and Sneakers to the vet.  This was our first time to the vet with the two new cats.  I felt it was important for him to be involved. He needed to know what to expect and do. 

We arrived at the vet and went right into the exam room.  The receptionist wanted us to go directly to the exam room because we had been experiencing health issues with Ebony and needed to keep other animals safe. 

The exam rooms are small and simply arranged.  We let Ebony and Sneakers out of the cat carriers and allowed them to wander the room.

Dr. Hansen, of Cascade Pet Hospital, examined each one and found them both to be in excellent health for 10 year old cats. The Seattle Humane Society had given them other vaccinations. I had the records in all the paperwork they had given me.  They did not give Rabies shots. Dr. Hanson felt confident that they were in good health for this shot, so she proceeded. 

As each cat was examine the other was free to wandered around the room.  They were a little stressed but doing very well.  I was pleased.  It was our first visit to the vet and I was relieved to see that they would both be manageable in the future. 

I had the stool sample ready and gave that to the assistant.  It would be tested and they would call with the results on Monday, this was a Friday.

The vet was offering to sign pets up for  pet licenses.  So we decided that would be a great idea to get that done.   If my some strange chance they got out of our house, we needed them to be easily identified.  They did have microchips but not everyone would know this and a pet license would also help.  We paid and I took my hubby to work. 

At home I carefully took the carriers, one at a time, into the kitchen and released my two little sweet friends.  They went off to hide under the bed for about 5 minutes and then they came out to the living room.  I think they were glad to be returned to their new home and not to the shelter. 

Going to the vet can be a difficult and stressful experience.  I was very proud of my two little guys they did great. 

Frequently I have to wait in the exam room.  This gives me time to turn all of my attention and love on the one cat.  It can be a good experience.