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Cat Carrier Old Style

The day to visit the vet came and I found it a lot easier to corral Ebony and Sneakers and put them into the cat carriers than I had anticipated.  I had asked my spouse to help me this first time because it was two cats and we were still getting to know them.

Before you even think of putting a cat into a cat carrier.  You need to get prepared!

Get everything ready:  Get dressed, put on your shoes, collect your keys, and wallet/purse.  Instruct your spouse/children/friend on what is happening if they are going to help. 

Go out to the car and prepare the car by putting the things you need to the car.    You can turn on the engine and warm the car if you need to.  Decide where you are going to put the cat carrier in the car.  I like to put them next to me on the passenger seat when I am alone.  I can then put my hand on the cat carrier, talk to the animal.  This time I climbed into the side area of our van. 

THEY KNOW!  They will escape, disappear, run and hide!  You have to be smarter and quicker. 


You will need to close off escape routes.  Try reducing their area of escape to the bathroom or kitchen.  Preferably a location in your home that does not have places they can hide making it difficult to pick them up.  If your cat goes outside, close of the outside exit.

Long ago I remember peeling Cinnamon, my tortoise shell long haired cat,  from under the bed and removing her claws one by one from being embedded into the rug.  Don’t let them get under the bed!

If you have help one person can hold the cat carrier and open the door while you put the cat into the carrier.  Face first through the cat door.  Give them a gentle but firm nudge.  Close the door carefully watching that you don’t catch their tail. 

Make sure you plan enough time to try again if things go wrong.

Everything went great with Ebony and Sneakers.  I couldn’t believe how quick we were able to get them into the cat carriers. 

The trick I learned from the lady at the Seattle Humane Society was a great tip.  She put my cat carrier (see picture above) on is short flat back and opened the door and dropped Sneakers into it.  Worked great.

Again Sneakers didn’t like being in the cat carrier he tried to bust out.  I keep a careful eye on him.  Ebony was scrunched on the floor and I just picked him up.  I think he was so surprised he didn’t realize what was happening.  

When you put them in the cat carrier into the car make sure it is secure.  I put a towel over my old cat carrier to keep the animal warm.  It is open in its design so the towel is a way to offer them a hiding place yet still have enough viewing area to look out if they want. 

A good strong sturdy cat carrier is a great investment.  I have my old version (picture above) and a new one that has a door in the top.   You can see the light coming in on the side so it has good venting.  The door is a little tricky and you have to make sure you lack it carefully.   I also put an old clean towel in the bottom to given them something soft to sit on.  An old plastic mat can give them some traction on the bottom.  It has to be flat. 

Brand New Cat Carrier

Now if you have a kitten or a well trained cat you could get your pet use to all this by practicing with them.  I did not have that luxury with Ebony and Sneakers.   As time goes on they will start to trust me and it will get easier (I hope) because I will probably only take one at a time to the vet.  I can then concentrate on that animal and give them all my attention. 

Off we went to the vet!