The Seattle Humane Society was very thorough.  They had taken good care of Ebony and Sneakers providing medical care.  To encourage good care of the pet after it is adopted they have set up free medical examinations with various veterinarian offices in the area.  I checked to see if my vet was on this list and they were not.   I was disappointed but soon learned that it is worth checking with your vet to see if they will honor this offer.  Well, I was lucky in that my vet did honor this offer.  I made an appointment for the day after Thanksgiving for my two little friends Ebony and Sneakers.  I knew that I would feel much better finding out what was going on with Ebony and why he was not eating.  I needed to learning how they would behave in a stressful environment like the vet.

My vet is Cascade Pet Hospital on Aurora near Kmart.  I have been using them for years and really like Dr. Hanson.  She is great.  My sister uses this vet.  She took over from Dr. Thomas who helped with my dog Billie when he had Cushing disease.  I have tried other vets and have not had great experiences with them so finding this vet was a good thing.  They are tucked in behind the Blockbuster on Aurora just north of KMart and next to Sam’s Club.  They are not opened on the weekends so you do need an alternate vet for emergencies.  Their website link is provided under Ebony and Sneakers Favorites.  They actually have photos of their clinic on the website.  They also explain their services, hours and directions and more. 

Ebony was not eating real well and doing a lot of sleeping.  He was doing what I call “squirreling” behavior.  When a cat doesn’t feel well they hide out, disappear, withdraw and sometimes look like they have a headache.  I was having trouble getting a feel for Ebony because I didn’t know him yet.  He is not a bold cat so he was not warming up to me as quickly as Sneakers.  I needed to solve the mystery and get them well. 

The vet you choose is vital to the care of your animals.  It is also important that you feel good about that vet.  Your calm, gentle and positive manner will be transmitted to your pet when you visit the vet, so you need to feel comfortable and like the vet.  For instance, if you have trouble giving medications to a pet a good vet can help.  It is vital that you are able to ask questions no matter how silly they are and explain symptoms.    

Ebony and Sneakers have provided links for several veterinarian clinics to help you in finding a vet.  These of course are in northern Seattle.   Just put into the Google Search Engine:  vets in seattle.  See what comes up.  You can do that with any city/town name.  Click on several of the links and see what people are saying about a vet.  Of course, the only way you will really know is to go and visit one.  Choose a time like a general exam, or getting vaccinations, not when your animal is really ill.  This way you can get a feel for the veterinarian clinic and more.