Postcard Turkey

Ebony and Sneakers were adopted six days before Thanksgiving.  Maybe not the greatest plan but I had been concerned that they would be adopted by someone else.  I had delayed long enough, so I did have to take action. 

They would have 5 days to adjust before a new experience would occur.  I felt confident.  I planned to have guests over and prepare a nice meal. 

The week went quickly and during that time we learned that we would need to keep the toilet seat down.  Ebony was climbing into it in no time.  He was opening kitchen cabinet doors and jumped up onto the washing machine.  The bed I had made in the utility room was quickly abandoned for our bed, the couch and the cushy chair in the living room.  Sneakers was hiding out under the bed on occasion.  They spent that first night on the couch wrapped up in each other and most of the other nights too. They did come into the bedroom and walk around on the bed.  Ebony would meow around 5 am in the morning.  Good thing I am an early riser. 

The big day arrived and I prepared the Thanksgiving Dinner that I had bought at Top Foods.  A new experience I had never bought a holiday dinner before.  I was looking forward to sharing some turkey with Ebony and Sneakers.  Ebony was not eating that well, he was nibbling but to my surprise he ate heartily just before the guests arrived.  I was relieved.  

Time came and my guests knocked on the door.  I expected Ebony and Sneakers to retreat to under the bed.  They didn’t.  They came out and greeted everyone.  Of course these guests are all animal lovers.  I had put out news that I had two new kitties so they brought toys and other care items. 

Everyone made themselves at home and of course the talk was about the new cats, my past pets and animals in general.  The Top Foods dinner was delicious and we all had a great time.  Sneakers, well he was going around making friends with the guests.   He is a beautiful cat and people respond to him very positively.  Ebony is hesitant but he too was friendlier than I expected.  He did retreat to the bedroom. 

I offered some turkey to each cat and they turned me down! 

Sneakers and Ebony got to meet my sister which was good, because she would probably care for them when we were gone. The evening went well and Thanksgiving was a happy event!