Upon arrival at our home we took the cat carriers from the van to our kitchen.  I closed the door between the kitchen and the dining room so Ebony and Sneakers would have a small area to adjust to.

We opened the doors of the cat carriers and released them.  They roamed around smelling things and investigating their new home.  My hubbie and I sat on the kitchen floor and stroked them when they walked by.  Sneakers wiggled in under the tool cart in the utility room which was a little tight for him. His curiosity brought him out to do more investigating.  Ebony with his long legs moved about quickly.  He jumped up on the kitchen counter.  I let it go for now.  It was best not to reprimand them at this time.  The kitty litter box and the food station were right there so it was not too hard for them to find these and understand what they were.  

I had made a bed of blankets in the corner of the utility room and they eventually settled in cuddling close to each other.  Ebony was bold and friendly.  Sneakers was curious and interested.  I was pleased.

I had planned a quick easy dinner to prepare, so I would not be fussing and we retired to the living room to give them a chance to relax and closed the kitchen door behind us. 

After dinner I took our plates back to the kitchen and the two cats were glad to see me.  They rubbed against me, I petted them and stroked them.  Ebony even rolled on the floor with his belly up and he let me touch him there.   My hubbie wanted to know what was going on behind the door and came into the kitchen and joined me. 

The Humane Society has a lot of guidelines and we were supposed to keep them in a smaller area till they adjusted.  My house is tiny.  So I had a decision to make.  The kitchen and utility room are away from our bedroom and the living room.  Ebony and Sneakers were now members of our family and they needed to be part of our lives.  They had been in the shelter 4 months! It was time for them to get some space back into their lives,  no more cages, no more small spaces.  So I took the plunge and opened the door between the kitchen and the dining room.  

In the kitchen when Ebony was investigating his new home, he pulled at the kitchen cabinet doors and opened one.  He then pulled at the base of the door between the kitchen and dining room and meowed as if he knew that something was on the other side.  So….

Upon opening the door they both entered the dining room area without a bit of hesitation and wandered about smelling things and investigating objects and moving from one area to the other quickly.  We sat down on our couch and let them explore, observing their actions.   It was not long till Sneakers came up to the couch and jumped up.  Ebony found where the bed was and took possession.  I felt it was a good experience.  

This was their home now.  My job as their caretaker was beginning.