The Seattle Humane Society is located off of I-90 in Bellevue.  We approached it from downtown Bellevue and used the city streets from the Bellevue Regional Library to find the shelter.   I wanted to be as relaxed as possible when I entered the shelter, driving I-405 or I-90 is not my idea of relaxation, so going the city streets was easier on me.

The parking lot was very crowded with cars on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at about 3 pm. I hopped out of the van and went in and found pandemonium inside the Humane Society.  They were very busy.

In retrospect I would advise going during the week days or evenings.  It might be a little easier to view pets and not so busy. 

The inside of the Humane Society is not very big.  There is a counter where you go to get helped.  I told the receptionist that I was interested in Sneakers and Ebony and she immediately responded with interest.  She mentioned that they had just been talking about them that morning and saying that it was time for them to be adopted. 

I had some paperwork that I had downloaded from their website.  I had it filled out.  I believe I had to fill out another form as well. It took awhile before we talked with the Adoption Attendant.  She was very nice and explained the condition of Sneakers and Ebony.   She directed us to the viewing rooms so we could see several cats.  

We had seen the viewing rooms which are off the main area when we arrived so we sort of knew what they were.  We first visited with Elvis and Jiggy.  They were very friendly cats but Jiggy was really porky and that concerned me. He made me laughed at his body shape.  My sister had a cat named Annie who was shaped like a pear and she was a dear sweet cat.  I liked them both instantly.  I asked about Jiggy at the desk but didn’t get much information about his condition. I was told he would need to be put on a diet. Elvis was a long haired and a tortoise shell. He was handsome.  I often think about them as the months go by.  I just didn’t have room for 4 cats.  My house is too small and we are crowded with just the two of us.   

I wanted to see Sneakers and Ebony so we sought them out.  I spotted what I thought was Sneakers.  It was him. He was in the other viewing room. He was sitting on a chair relaxing and licking his paw.  He was a quiet but he seemed friendly. My other pets were beautiful animals but Sneakers was gorgeous! The viewing room had other cats and it didn’t seem to bother him.  I took that as a good sign.  My hubby was a little concerned that he was not as friendly as the other two.  I felt Sneakers had good energy.   

Ebony was in his cage in the back because he was not eating. It was a little confusing with all the people milling about but we found him in the last group of cages in an extra room out in the yard of the shelter.  Alan tried to get him to respond but he didn’t.  I moved over and gave it a try.  He stood up.  This allowed us to see his body better.  He was black with gold eyes and had very long legs and delicate paws.  I had my reservations about Ebony.  He was not eating.  However, I could see that both were in good condition otherwise.  I am a hopeful soul and when he stood up for me and responded I felt that was a good sign.   We both would have liked to have him out in a viewing area but that was not going to happen. 

My hubby questioned me but I felt that Sneakers and Ebony would be fine. So he went off to get the cat carriers I had brought.   More waiting.  The Adoption Attendant had me go and sit at a desk behind the big counter.  I don’t really know what the personnel are called at the Seattle Humane Society.  There seem to be attendants behind the counter that do the initial intake and then they move you off to another person who handles the finalizing of the adoption.  There was a lot going on and it has been several months so my memory is a little jumbled. 

I waited at the desk while they made copies of Sneakers and Ebony’s papers.  I was surprised that they were going to give me all of their paperwork that had been filled out during their stay.  We ended up with a book of papers about each cat which contained all their medical history, the form filled out by the former owner and more sheets on how to care for them.  They had been raised as indoor cats.  This was going to be a new experience for me.  All my other animals were indoor/outdoor animals.  

She went over everything with both of us.  That took about 20 -30 minutes.  I asked if they had been neutered and it was written on the medical form.  I was a bit overwhelmed but pleased that they were so careful.  I learned that Sneakers and Ebony had been at the shelter since the end of July.  They had gone to a foster home for awhile. Four months is too long and I was glad I had come.  

The adoption fee was waived this day much to my surprise.  I gave them a little money anyway.  

Both cats received a pet collar and their microchips were verified.  The Adoption Specialist showed me a neat trick.  She put the cat carrier on its short flat side and dropped Sneakers in back feet first through the door. Not all cat carriers are made that way but mine is an old version. Sneakers did not like to be in the cat carrier, he kept trying to get out.  I kept a close eye on him because I have had a cat get out of a cat carrier before. 

Ebony had retreated to the back of his cage and my hubby who is tall was able to reach him.  He also received a pet collar and went into the cardboard cat carrier easily.  

Neither cat showed any signs of bad behavior like hissing or striking out with their paw.  The Adoption Specialist had no problem holding and handling them.  They use the nap of the neck to hold a cat but I think that is a tough thing to do when they are adults you have to know what you are doing.  

We were done and it was time to drive home from Bellevue to north King County a good 20-30 minutes.  We had arrived about 3 pm at the shelter and it was now 5:45 pm.  It was almost two hours in the shelter.  I stayed with Ebony and Sneakers in the back of the van while my hubby carefully drove us home. They cried a little.  Sneakers kept trying to get out but he eventually relaxed. Ebony was quieter but did make a few sounds.  I kept my hands on their cat carriers so that they could smell me and to keep them steady.  We made good time and had no traffic problems.

The Seattle Humane Society has an aerial view of their “campus.” It is at their website and also at Google images.  It might help to see the lay of the land before you go.  I didn’t realize to just recently that it was there.