Several weeks had passed and I was pondering the pet adoption process.  Ebony and Sneakers faces and welfare haunted me.  I have never adopted a pet from a shelter.  They have always managed to find me as strays.  It became dangerous for me to say “I want another pet.”  If I did they would appear.   

I have cared for 3 dogs and 10 cats.  I gave 2 cats up.  One was a kitten I took to PAWS and the other a older cat I gave to a friend, which was a bad idea.   I started in about 1978 and lost the last one in February 2009. 

Two cats was going to be a lot more responsibility but the fact that two cats were bonded meant that I would not have to do the slow introduction process of two strange creatures.  They knew each other and could provide a stabilizing factor in all the change they had experienced. 

I also liked the idea of an older cat because I am older now.  I don’t have the same energy.  I remember when Puffer and Minx came into my life as kittens, they ran me ragged.  Of course, I had a whole houseful of other animals at the time.  Those were happy times even though it was hard work. 

I got married so I have to make sure that a major change is okay with my hubbie.  We are both older and leaving our current location may be a possibility in the next 10 years. So I figure that two 10 years old cats mean their lifespan is perhaps another 5-8 years, maybe longer?  My Puffer lived 3 years beyond Minx.  So that might be a possible scenario.  Of course you never know.

Older cats are not as teachable according to the experts but I had several older animals join me as strays.  A dog that I named Bo and cat that I named White Kitty and they were wonderful creatures.  My thoughts turn to White Kitty (all white short haired) who turned out to be about 16 years old or more when cancer got him.  He must have been 12 years or more when he decided he wanted to come live with me.  He sat outside my apartment door and would look in with his paws resting on the threshold and turned those beautiful gold eyes my way. Eventually he came into the apartment with all the other cats and sat on my lap.  It could depend on the animal whether or not they are teachable and reachable.

So I pondered the idea of two cats and where to go to adopt.  I was not that excited about driving to Bellevue where the Humane Society is located.  However, it turned out we would be there in the area on November 21, 2009.  That date was a Saturday so this would work out.  

I talked it over with my hubby and he agreed.  Unfortunately he had a bad experience with the Seattle Humane Society in the past and also with PAWS, so we agreed that if it was not going well at the Seattle Humane Society we would leave. 

There is a warning at the Seattle Humane Society website that they cannot guarantee you will be able to adopt a pet that you see on their website.  So this concerned me. I was really interested in Ebony and Sneakers and they were still up for adoption when I checked the site the day before we were scheduled to go to the shelter.  So I read up on the other animals available just in case. 

The adoption fee for an older pet is less and two pets was even better.  So the two 10 years old would have been $40.00.  The younger the animal the more money you will need to pay.  So you do need to decide if you can afford a pet.  The fee pays for all the medical care and costs.  I don’t mind but it is a consideration.

So if you need a checklist for adopting a pet here is mine:  I thought about my age, my current lifestyle, my former pets and waiting awhile to distance myself from their presence.  I gave thought to the cost.  I also wanted this to be a positive experience to adopt.  So I studied up.  I thought about the pet and its experiences and what I know I can do.  I know that I am not that good at dispensing medicine to an animal so a cat with a lot of medical issues was not a good thing but I could at least adopt an older cat that was in good health.  I knew I could provide a good home and happy life for them. 

Petfinders a website has a really detailed checklist for adopting a dog or cat.  Check out their link under Ebony and Sneakers favorites. 

It is wise to review the websites of these shelters and adoption sites.  I encourage you to read all the information they provide so that you are well prepared when you go and visit.  Take your time and study the links provided by Ebony and Sneakers to the right you will be glad you did.