I spotted Sneaker’s photo at the Seattle Humane Society for Seattle and King County website last Fall.

The Seattle Humane Society website features pets that are up for adoption along with photos.  It is divided into categories such as Dogs, Cats and Critters.  You find the area on the home page that says:  Search for your New Best Friend and click on the one of your choice.

Once there you can scroll through the pictures of the cats put up for adoption and then click on the name for further information.  The further information gives the name, breed, gender, size, age and ID# and then it describes the animal in a little more detail. 

I clicked on Sneakers name and it took me to another page on Sneakers.  There I learned he was 10+ years old and that he was bonded to Ebony and they would need to be adopted together.  They tell you about microchips, vaccinations and more.  

Not all pets are at the shelter some pets are placed in foster homes and you need to make different arrangements to view those animals. 

Looking at Sneakers face, I fell in love.  They said he was a Ragdoll/mix and I had never heard of that breed.  He had medium length hair and was a male. He had the prettiest blue eyes.  They gave Ebony’s ID# so I could go and find him in the list and make sure I was viewing the correct pet.  

After studying Sneakers pages I went in search of Ebony and saw his beautiful gold eyes.  He was all black, short haired, male and also about 10+ years old.  I have always wanted a black cat.  I came close with Nikki who was short haired but she was black and white. 

(Please note these photos are not mine they are the shelters and you cannot click on the enlarge photo notation on Sneakers photo.)


The idea was beginning to form in my mind that adopting two cats would be a good idea.  I had given thought to a small dog but this might be better for our lifestyle. 

Now I didn’t just look at the Seattle Humane Society, I also went to PAWS and studied their website.  http://www.paws.org/.  They have their location in Lynnwood and the Cat City in Ballard  – a part of Seattle.  

The Seattle Humane Society also has the Mobile Pet Adoption van that will go to different locations through the Seattle and Bellevue area.  I considered that as an option. 

At that time the King County Pet Shelter in Kent was closing due concern that the Green River would be flooding.  As of now they are still open, which is good news.

Website is at http://www.kingcounty.gov/safety/AnimalServices.aspx

It would be several weeks before I finally took the big step.  I wanted to give this some thought and make sure it was the best decision.