Ebony and Sneakers are formally adopted cats from the Seattle-King County Humane Society.  They were adopted on November 21, 2009.  So they have not been in their new home for very long. 

I am not new to caring for animals both cats and dogs.  Puffer my last cat died last year on February 7, 2009 of a stroke.  He was two months short of 20 years old.  Before that I had many pets and had cared for them for over 37 years.  I had other blog on pets at http://puffersgoldenyears.blogspot.com/ but I took it down because it was getting old. 

All my other animals came to me as strays, wandering into my world they either chose me or I chose them.  I have never gone to a shelter to choose an animal.  So this was a new experience for me.

Ebony and Sneakers are 10 year old cats and they were bonded to each other so I had to adopt them together.  It is now 2 months plus and we are getting to know each other.

Till I get some good photos of my two new furry friends, Puffer will look out upon this new blog from the header photo above.