The water glasses – an interesting discovery!

One day, one of the humans was drinking water from a glass and Ebony got up on the table by the window and started to drink from it.  So the human got him his own glass to drink from.  Well eventually, two glasses ended up next to the trunk and TV in the living room for both cats to drink from. They seem to like it better….

Glasses by the trunk for the water for our cats.

We didn’t teach them to drink from these glasses. We have always had water in the kitchen by their food. For some reason, they have taken to this and anything to make their lives more comfortable is fine with us.

Anyone else ever have cats like to drink from a drinking glass?


Celebrating 7 Years with Sneakers and Ebony!!


Enjoying the sun, Ebony & Sneakers

Enjoying the sun, Ebony & Sneakers

Today marks another year that we have had with our two gentlemen cats, Sneakers and Ebony.  It is now a total of 7 years.  So, today, November 21, 2016 marks another milestone.

We adopted them from the Seattle Humane Society before Thanksgiving in November of 2009. On the papers it stated they were both 10 years old.  I suspect that Sneakers is a little older. This means they are now 17 years old or about that age.

Both cats are doing well. They have had their challenges in the past seven years but they are happy and loved.

Sneakers is the friendlier one and he has just continued to grow in confidence and loves both his humans. He will get on the Futon between us and go from one to the other curious out the dinner menu.   He ate a little Tilapia last night with garlic.  He really likes pork.



Ebony is the one that has grown so much in courage.  He just loves the petting sessions done by 2nd main human and looks forward to them. He even goes into the main humans office and yeowls at him to come and play.  I can reach down from my full height and pet him without him running away.  Main human has to lay on the living room floor to do the brushing otherwise Ebony will go and hide.  So we have made progress but he is still learning to trust.



The last seven years have not been easy.  I was used to cats that were knowledgeable about the outside world.  Sneakers and Ebony are not and I suspect neither were their mothers. This means I have to provide kitty litter which before I never did. My former cats and dogs were free to come and go through the pet door built into the back door.   With Sneakers and Ebony being raised indoor I can’t do that. The pet door is gone now. Sneakers will ask to go out once in a while but he doesn’t stay out that long. Ebony does not go outside much to my disappointment.  I had hoped to tap into his inner child but have not succeeded.

According to the papers filled out by the former owners, they were purchased at a pet shop in Kirkland. Sneakers is probably a rag doll breed, so he would mean money.  I have trouble with this and have almost gone to that pet store but to see the conditions.

Sneakers and Ebony would like to take this opportunity to remind you to care for the animals and it is even more important in the current political climate to be kind to all creatures two legged and four legged.

Happy Anniversary to my two Gentlemen CATS!!!

PS: They are getting brushed as you read this. HA! Aw sonic purring….!

The Closing of the Spay and Neuter Clinic in Shoreline…


With sadness I report that the Spay and Neuter Clinic in Shoreline has closed.  I drove by there the other day and saw that it was empty and the sign on it said closed.

This clinic has been a place where over the years I took my dogs and cats to have them spayed or neutered.  It was low cost. The Doctor was no nonsense when you went there but that was okay.  They did good work.

I will remove the link in a week or so.

Meanwhile here is a list at PAWS for low cost clinics that perform these procedures.  It is very important that we spay or neuter dogs and cats because of the over population in animal shelters.

Back to the Vet for a Teeth Cleaning and more…



At Sneakers Annual Exam, a couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that he had about stage two out of five levels in the condition of his teeth.  His lymph nodes were swollen meaning gingivitis. So it is time to get his teeth cleaned and done before he has more problems for it can affect the heart, kidneys and liver. There will be no extractions of teeth which is good.  Keeping his gums healthy is also good.  He has renal failure issues (kidney disease) so we don’t need further complications.

Here they are sunning themselves about a day after Sneakers surgery

Here they are sunning themselves about a day after Sneakers surgery

The blood panel at the last examine will tell us how he is doing and we can use that for this procedure. They like to do blood draw before using anesthesia on especially an older cat.

We also found some masses, small, but there on his lower back head and side of his head. It was suggested that they be removed and tested.

My hubby had surgery so I was slow in scheduling Sneakers surgery and teeth cleaning and I was also waiting to take care of some bills before committing to this. It was not going to be cheap.

The day was scheduled for Monday, June 20, 2016.  Sneakers would not be able to eat anything after 10 pm the night before.  This meant that I had to remove all food from the kitchen and it even impacted Ebony.  I did leave lots of water.  Delivery time to the Vet would be 8 to 8:30 am.

I stayed up till 10 pm on June 19th and removed the food leaving the water.  I forgot the wheat grass.  However, the next morning I found a little pool of it on the floor of the dining room and I believe he did not ingest too much.

Sneaker climbed into our bed and cuddled with me in the morning of the 20th but both were being so good about the lack of food.  Now I knew it would not hurt either of them because they are a bit fat.  I added some more water but they were not impressed. I petted them without catnip.  Hubby came out and petted them as well several sessions. Our goal was to distract them.  They were confused and mewed some but mostly very good.

Before I put him into the pet carrier, I went out and got the car ready which means removing the cover we have on the front window to prevent debree accumulation from the trees and unlocking all the doors.

At 7:35 am I put Sneakers into the pet carrier, which I had brought in the night before to warm it up. It can be really cold in the winter.  It was sitting on the washing machine till I moved it to the floor of the kitchen and made sure it was set up and secure.  I like to put him into it from the top.

Sneakers was not happy about being in the carrier, but he was quiet this time.  I moved him to the car and got myself ready to go to the vet. I was a bit early for the vet, so I went and got gas which was close by and Sneakers was being very good. He was crying a little bit of the time which is to be expected.

At the vet I reviewed the process, asked for dissolving sutures which they were willing to do.  I had taken Sneakers to the vet twice in a month and I like to limit the trauma for both of us.  I also requested a shot for the antibiotic medicine that they would be giving him to prevent infection from the teeth cleaning and the sutures. I am not good and stuffing pills down a cats throat this is so much easier. I apologized for my picky behavior but they seem to be willing to assist me.  I signed a lot of papers.

I said goodbye to Sneakers and proceeded to head home leaving my papers and the special renal food bags I was going to purchase.  Augh I forgot them.  So who was stressed?

They called about 11 am to tell me Sneakers was doing great and had me talk to the doctor about the masses and which one to test because each mass test would be about $189 which means times two.  It was decided to send one and see what would happen with the test and then either send the other later or if needed.  This is basically a biopsy, yes we are testing for cancer.

I was to pick Sneakers up at 4:30 pm so he would spend the day at the vet recovering from the surgery and anesthetic. We were a bit early but they went over the release process with me giving me a handout. The handout looked like it was generic but also geared toward Sneaker’s needs.  It explained what they had done. We headed home. He was grunting a little in the carrier.

They had a catheter for IV fluids in one of his front legs so there was an area that was shaved.  I think that is bothering him a little now for he keeps his leg out in front of him.

They had an endotracheal tube to keep his airway open during surgery and if it is anything like what they do on humans it can be very uncomfortable after you wake up. They give you ice cubes. So I am assuming they were giving him something as well.  So they warned me he would be a little squeaky in voice and maybe cough a little. He did meow funny at first but seemed to be better later on.

He was groggy and a little wobbly when he came home. He was moving around well and he did climb onto the Futon using the little step stool we have for him. This morning he climbed to his table and onto the desktop where I work so he is doing well.

He ate good about an hour after he came home and I was putting soft food down throughout the night a little at a time.  He used the kitty box. He was drinking water regularly.

He is uncomfortable because the sutures are in the back of his head.  Hopefully today he will relax some and get good sleep.

Me, I spent the night on our camping cushion on the floor of the living room to keep and eye on them both and replenish the food throughout the night.  He did come over one time in the night but pretty much stayed on the Futon to rest with his brother Ebony.

This was a major surgery although the masses were tiny, but the teeth cleaning is a big deal and it costs a lot. I paid $727.75 for all this process.

Sneakers did real well 6 years ago when they removed the mass from his back but I can see that he is not as good 6 years later and this is a major deal for him.  Sigh…I am so glad it is over.

A day or so later the doctor called about the test results for the Histopath Report on one of the masses. His test came back negative for cancer so we decided not to send the other mass sample.  I am relieved.

It is now almost a week later and Sneakers is doing well and sleeping good, eating well and getting back to being his sweet bossy self.  His sutures are still there and we have to pet him carefully but when I touch them he doesn’t react so they are good.