Celebrating Another Year with Sneakers and Ebony…


It is again the anniversary of the adoption of Sneakers and Ebony. They are doing very well for two old kitties. Here are a few photos of things they have been up to in the last months. Sleeping is a BIG part of it. Taking care of the humans is also up there.



Ebony and the Vet Sept 2018, A little about Sneakers


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Ebony got his turn to go to the vet in September. He was limping. We were also concerned about his chin and the little lumps found on it.

Ebony trying to get into the cat carrier at the vet

Ebony is still trying to get back into the cat carrier

Several years ago he had a cyst grown on the side of his neck and they would empty the fluid and it just kept getting bigger and we finally had to get it removed.  I wrote about it and the process on this blog.

So these lumps on his chin were a concern. The vet took a look and she thought it was Cat Acne.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feline_acne

We were given Malaket wipes which Ebony was okay with at first, but the smell is not great.  He allowed it for a few days and then started to give trouble. However, we do see an improvement. We will continue to treat him and hopefully it will keep it under control. Hubby is in charge of that treatment.

I am very relieved that it is not a cyst because that would have been very difficult to remove from his chin. Can you imagine?

As for his limping that is a little harder. I was given Grizzly Salmon Oil for cats but both of them are being very fussy about it in their foods. I will try again and see if I can’t get them accustomed to the smell.

I believe it is his right paw where he is limping.  The Vet did say his elbow joints were weakening. I wish there was a little muff like thing I could put on his leg to warm the sight.

When I take then to the vet, they trim the nails. Being indoor cats this is a regular problem. They are also not using the scratch post that much. Maybe I can encourage it.

He got his physical or Senior Wellness and that can include a blood panel in February 2018. So they did an exam this time.

A little about Sneakers…

My hubby learned that Pet Smart would groom cats one night a week. They did not do that before. They do need a rabies certificate showing the cat is covered for Rabies and I have that certificate for both.

He took Sneakers into Petsmart Grooming and she checked Sneakers nails which were good and gave him a bath and used a hair blower on him and removed his mats. He loved the warm air. His fur was so soft after this. He seems a little stiff because the mats were tight on his behind. We have new tools to try to keep his mats at bay.

The only thing is that we have to take him in the cat carrier to Petsmart and that is a big deal for all of us.  I try to keep transport to a minimum.

Buddies enjoying the Sunshine…



Sneakers is out cold while Ebony keeps an eye out for danger.

Ebony and Sneakers August 2018 enjoying the sunshine

We have been giving Sneakers ear medicine in drops since the vet experience a while back. He has polyps and there was some infection in the right ear.  He was holding his ear down and it concerned me. So we gained up on him. One human used a towel to wrap him in and held him while the other put the drops in and rubbed his ear. Be careful they shake their ears and the medicine can fly out, so wear eye protection and not your glasses cause it is sticky stuff.

So it is now a week later and we are done with drops in the morning and evening. He did so well. Ebony thought we were hurting him and protected coming out of his cubby place and making a comment at us one time.

I am told Sneakers has a little anemia and I am to monitor his behavior. Apparently it is because of the kidney disease which he is stable with at this time. I think he is better because of his ear. So we will see. I have tried to figure out what to do about the anemia but so far Google searches have not been too helpful.

Life with two Senior Kitties….!

Well I have not posted much on this blog. We have been busy with life. Sneakers and Ebony are doing well for old kitties. Ebony had his wellness exam and did good. This is always tramatic for them and me.  Ebony I have to really plan it well and move quickly to get him into the carrier. I am doing better with him.

The vet has decided that Ebony is only about 15 years old. Not 18 years old. Now I adopted them in 2009 and he was said to be 10 years at that time. So I have had them both going on 8 years which means they would be 18 years old.  This means that Sneakers is up there in years unless the former owners didn’t really remember their ages. This is of course, speculation.

Both are doing well for old kitties. The hot weather we were having means that Sneakers lays on the living room rug stretching his body out flat in the position of the fan and the front door breezes. This hot weather has reduced the amount of cuddling because we both get hot.

They are not eating as much but that will change when the weather starts to turn. Water is still good, they do drink some each day.

Ebony had a cyst on his neck a few years back and we had that removed. Now we have this problem of one growing on his chin. I am baffled as to how to fix it. They drained the other cyst and it grew to the point we had to have it removed. How are they going to operate on this and how will he eat?  It does not seem to bother him.

Just last Saturday I took Sneakers in for his wellness exam. I also had to have his claws trimmed, mat removal and sanitary shave. He was having trouble with his right ear holding it funny.  They took blood and gave me medicine for the ears. We are doing okay with the twice a day with drops in both ears.  We wrap him in a towel to hold him still.  I am waiting on his blood work.

It took him a while to calm down from this visit to the vet. Here he is at the vet exploring and wanting to get back into the carry case.

Sneakers Exploring

Here he is trying to get back into the carrier

Sneakers and Ebony would like to ask that you watch out for the doggies and make sure they are not left in a hot car. A hot car can be a death trap. When I was a little girl we were camping and touring in Eastern Washington and we left my cat Cracker in the car and we almost killed him. We got back in time but he was panting and going crazy. We all felt bad. He recovered but I didn’t leave his side after that. So please be very careful. Dogs are the ones that usually get left in a car and even people have been known to leave babies. Not GOOD!




Another Year with by Two Gentlemen Cats!

Sneakers and Ebony are enjoying a lovely snooze in the big green chair in the living room.  I do not know why they have decided that they need to share this chair when both are so large. Sometimes they squish each other. Can you tell where they are separated…Yes that is Ebony up against the chair back. It is the opposite of the picture in the header.

Ebony & Sneakers napping

Another year has gone by with my two gentlemen kitties. This has been a good year. No surgeries which is a good thing, both have been in good health.

Ebony really likes his brushing sessions and Sneakers likes them too. Sneakers likes to cuddle with his number one human by coming into the bedroom at 3 am and demanding attention.  Their days are filled with cuddles, snoozing and good food. Life is good.

Ebony and Sneakers wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season, enjoy and always be kind to the animals.